All you need to know about Roller Burnishing Tools and their Effects on Hardness of a Surface

What is a Roller Burnishing Tool?

Roller burnishing enables a metal surface to have a perfect, mirror-like finishing that too without the application of a tough process known as grinding.
The biggest benefit that comes with roller burnishing is that it can do the job without removing any metal from the surface. To put it simply, it polishes a surface in order to give it a smooth finishing. This feature has made a roller burnishing tool must-have for every manufacturing unit.

RBT roller burnishing tool applications

RBT roller burnishing tool

How a Roller Burnishing Tool Affects a Particular Surface?

As discussed above, a burnishing tool acts as a surface polisher. It does so by reducing its roughness. The more force is applied by the roller burnishing tool, the more roughness is reduced resulting in a smooth and mirror-like finishing.
Another prominent feature of the use of a roller burnishing tool on a particular surface is that it can also improve its wear resistance. However, several factors affect including the application of surface affect this resistance. Increase in wear resistance will enable the material to last for an enhanced period of time without losing its shine and value.

Why Burnishing is better than Abrading?

If there are peaks in the surface, the process of abrasive finishing tears them away. The drawback of this procedure is that it may result in some sharp projections in the surface. On the other hand, burnishing doesn’t leave any such effect since it doesn’t cut the metal.

Factors that Affect Burnishing

A roller burnishing tool can burnish a wide range of metals. However, it provides the best results for burnishing malleable or ductile metals. Therefore, such tools are ideal to be used for smoothing aluminum, bronze, steel, cast iron, copper, stainless steel and other such surfaces.
The hardness of the material also affects the functionality of a roller burnishing tool. A material with 40 HRC is considered to be ideal for being burnished by a roller burnishing tool. Moreover, the roughness of the surface is another important factor that affects the overall outcome.

The type of furnishing tool that you have selected for the job at hand is another factor that contributes to the overall functionality and outcome of burnishing. There is a wide variety of burnishing tools available in the marketing. Thus, it is suggested to do some research beforehand while you are buying so that you can buy the tool that offers maximum utility for you. The material you want to smoothen with burnishing and the durability of burnishing tool are some other important factors that you must consider when buying such a tool.

A Final Word

Explore the wide range of roller burnishing tools offered by RBT Machines, a sub-brand of PURROS Machinery Co. Ltd. We are known for the most reliable, durable, and budget-friendly roller burnishing tools that have the ability to give numerous surfaces mirror-like finishing.

Roller Burnishing Tools Manufacturer, Roller Burnishing Tools Exporter, Roller Burnishing Tools Supplier

Roller Burnishing Tools Manufacturer, Roller Burnishing Tools Exporter, Roller Burnishing Tools Supplier