Part Advantages And Process of RBT Taper/Flat Burnishing tools

Taper/Flat Burnishing Application

Taper/Flat Burnishing tools are used to process the interior-outer conics and flat surfaces. They are suitable to roller burnish for all workpieces requiring sensitivity.

The roller burnishing process occurs when the roller head, which is prepared specially due to the sizes of workpiece, is contacted to the workpiece with a certain force. During the process either the tool or the workpiece may turn. These tools work by Universal or CNC lathes, machining centers, drilling machines, milling machines or other machines which process by turning.

RBT roller burnishing tools ID Taper Tool

ID Taper Tool

RBT roller burnishing tools OD Taper Tool

OD Taper Tool

Burnishing Tool Structure

Peak/Valley Surface Condition Draft

Peak/Valley Surface Condition Draft

RBT Roller Burnishing Tools consist of a body and a roller head. Burnishing tools can be designed and built for virtually any part configuration. Standard tools are offered for burnishing inside and outside diameters. Custom tool designs are made to order for faces, internal and external tapers, contours, spheres, and fillets. External burnishing machines are available for burnishing cylindrical surfaces of any length.

The most common roller burnishing tool designs are rotary tools used to burnish IDs or ODs. Multiple rollers, mounted in a retaining cage, rotate and bear upon a mandrel or race. The tools are adjustable, typically over a range of 0.040 inch for a given nominal size. Adjustments are typically made in 0.0001-inch increments by changing the position of the tapered rollers in relation to the inversely tapered mandrel or race so as to alter the effective tool diameter.

Special tool designs are available for burnishing flat surfaces or tapers. The rollers are mounted parallel to the part surface for flat-face burnishing, or at an angle for burnishing tapers. Internal or external tapers can be accommodated.


Taper Roller Burnishing Tools


Internal and External Tapers can be burnished with taper roller burnishing tools. These tools can be supplied in any angles according to the component design. These tools are used to achieve good blue matching between mating parts.


Advantages of Taper Burnishing Tools:

  • Available from minor diameter 5mm and above
  • Highly suitable for matching tapers
  • Maximum matching after burnishing
  • Tools available in required taper angles
  • Can be used in lathes, drill machine and CNC Machines
  • Highly suitable for high pressure applications


Flat Roller Burnishing Tools

Flat circular faces can be burnished with face Burnishing Tools. A minimum relief of 5mm in the center of the component is required for effective functioning of the tool.


Purchase considerations of RBT Roller Burnishing Tools

Roller Burnishing Tools Manufacturer, Roller Burnishing Tools Exporter, Roller Burnishing Tools Supplier

Roller Burnishing Tools Manufacturer, Roller Burnishing Tools Exporter, Roller Burnishing Tools Supplier

RBT Roller Burnishing Tools‘ concrete and roller head are designed according to workpiece size and material type. In order to provide you with the most proper tools, you must submit technical drawings and the informations such as the material type and material hardness. If technical drawings cannot be sent, at least the surface dimensions and material type of the workpiece should be informed to avoid the trouble of the tool being unusable due to the wrong size.