Roller Burnishing Tools – All You Need To Know

The manufacturing world is in love with burnishing tools, and for good reason. Burnishing tools have become a necessity in the manufacturing atmosphere. Manufacturers produce high quality, resistant and hardened products, using the burnishing tools. It is used in the making of several parts of products which have conical, tube-shaped or disk like surfaces. Still confused about its importance? Let’s discuss.

Importance of Burnishing Technology

As mentioned above, burnishing tools are used in the several manufacturing industries.

·         Manufacturing Vehicles

Roller burnishing tools come in very handy in the production of gear shafts and cam shafts to wheel flange and cylindrical liners.

·         Manufacturing Airplanes

Burnishing tools are integral in the production of the shock strut, wheel rims and the turbine disc.

·         Manufacturing Medical Instruments

Several surgical and other medical instruments are hardened through burnishing tools.

Burnishing tools, apart from the aforementioned industries, are used extensively in other important industries as well. Now that we understand its importance, let’s discuss what burnishing tools actually do.

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Function of Burnishing Technology

Tools, parts or instruments, which are supposed to bear high pressures in performance, require to be extra tough for optimal results. Burnishing tools rotate/move at a high frequency against the surface of the product being manufactured. This process hardens the surface of the product. When desired toughness of the surface is achieved, the job of the burnishing tool is done. The burnishing tools come in different shapes and forms, to facilitate the manufacturing process of tools, parts or instruments, which have different structures.

Improvements in the Technology

Day by day, the technology that goes in to the production of burnishing tools is improving to meet the high demands of the manufacturing industries. The tools being manufactured now, are more universal, multi-purpose and long lasting. Innovation is coming to the material, used in their production, to enhance the ability of these tools. The tools, as a result, are more affordable and perform much better now, as compare to the older models. Several necessary quality requirements are met to produce the best quality roller burnishing tools for the market. We are roller burnishing tools manufacturers and suppliers. To learn more about RBT related products’ information, please contact our online customers.

General Application

Are you looking for a tool that helps you harden a cylindrical surface? A top quality roller burnishing tool is what you need. These tools serve many purposes, like;

  • Surface Polishing: If you need to harden a surface, you may use the surface burnishing tool for this purpose.
  • Cylindrical Surfaces: For tubes or pipes etc. you can use roller burnishing tools. These are narrow and pointed to penetrate close conical surfaces and harden them from inside.

Why Use It?

Still on the subject of general application, you can use these tools to get a shining surface finish. You will get a resistant and durable surface, which will be ideal to handle weight and pressure. Do you have a surface that has deformed over the years? Get a high quality roller burnishing tool or a surface burnishing tool, and make that surface as good as new!