How to use cold rolling extrusion method burnishing inner bore of hydraulic cylinder

roller burnishing tool technology, Roller Burnishing Tool structure

Roller Burnishing Tool is a processing tool with cold extrusion and plastic. Its purpose is to reduce the surface roughness of the metal workpiece, improve the surface finish while increasing the hardness and fatigue resistance of the product, and enhancing the product's resistance to pressure wear and corrosion, and then increasing service life, the result is so much reduced industrial processing and production costs. Due to the popularization of the automobile industry, the hydraulic cylinder industry continues to develop. The...

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The structure and characteristics of double rod roller burnishing tool.

roller burnishing tool, burnishing process, burnishing operation, burnish technologies, internal roller, finish roller

(figure 1)   As shown in figure 1, the structure of double rod roller burnishing tool: Lathe tool cutter bar Rolling cutter bar artifacts rest pin Adjust the bolt   1. Good rigidity. When using the double rod roller burnishing tool, the two tool bars are clamped on the square tool holder, and the overhanging length L can be adjusted according to the workpiece size. Therefore, it can greatly improve the rigidity of the pole.   2. Adjustment and control...

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How does the Roller Burnishing Tool process the inner hole of the bearing?

How does the Roller Burnishing Tool's process the inner hole of the bearing

Because of the improvement of industrial level, various kinds of mechanical transmission are increasing, so the bearing type workpiece is widely used. The workpiece of the bearing class is all used for the mechanical transmission of high precision and high speed, but the direct cause of the transmission is its roughness. Whether the inner hole or outer diameter, the mechanical transmission has higher requirements for the smooth finish of the bearing. However, while improving and improving the smoothness of the...

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