How about the process of roller burnishing?

How about the process of RBT roller_burnishing RBT roller burnishing tools

Burnishing is a versatile process that improves the finish and dimension of precision turned parts. Tools and holders can be mounted on the machine tool to eliminate secondary operations. In today’s cost-conscious manufacturing environment, what shop owner or production manager would not be excited about achieving accurate size and fine finish on the original machine on which parts are produced? Roller burnishing can help users eliminate secondary operations for substantial time and cost savings, while at the same time improving...

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Surfaces Process by Roller Burnishing

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Roller Burnishing Process Roller Burnishing operation is a chipless finishing method. By the rolling pressure applied to the workpiece surface, the microscopic peaks flow into the valleys in the surface profile. The chipless finishing process, roller burnishing cold - works metal under relatively small forces. These forces slightly exceed the yield strength of the material causing a plastic deformation of its surface material. Because the plastic deformation occurs under the recrystallization temperature this process is called cold working. Roller burnishing...

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