Roller burnishing process of deep hole

How to use RBT roller burnishing tool roller burnishing process

A deep hole is a hole whose length proportion is greater than 10 to the diameter of the hole. In most cases, the depth ratio of L/d is greater than 100. Such as cylinder hole, axial shaft oiled hole, hollow main shaft hole and hydraulic valve hole, etc. The machining precision and surface quality of these holes are high. Moreover, some processed materials have poor cutting performance, which is often a major problem of production. However, as long as we...

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What is the deep rolling tool?

Deep Rolling Tool (Skiving and Roller burnishing Tools)

Deep Rolling Tool (Skiving and Roller burnishing Tools) Definition: Deep rolling tools, which are used in deep hole machining, a roller burnishing tools is often combined with skiving knives and roller pins on the same tools. Deep rolling tools is a special burnishing tools that is used for machining diameter ratio of 1:10, so deep hole is not available to be burnished, and the smooth finish cannot up to Ra0.2. So deep rolling tool came into being, deep rolling tool...

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