Operation principle of Hydraulic Cylinder Finishing Tools

roller burnishing tools - Extrusion burnishing schematic diagram

Roller burnishing pressing is a commonly used surface strengthening method for metal materials. It exerts a certain amount of pressure on the workpiece surface by rolling the head. The roller head is rolled in the hole wall of the hydraulic cylinder, the workpiece is rotated, and the rolling head is given in the direction of the workpiece axis. When the compressive stress on the surface of the inner hole exceeds the elastic limit, dislocation, slippage and breakage occur between the...

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How to use cold rolling extrusion method burnishing inner bore of hydraulic cylinder

roller burnishing tool technology, Roller Burnishing Tool structure

Roller Burnishing Tool is a processing tool with cold extrusion and plastic. Its purpose is to reduce the surface roughness of the metal workpiece, improve the surface finish while increasing the hardness and fatigue resistance of the product, and enhancing the product's resistance to pressure wear and corrosion, and then increasing service life, the result is so much reduced industrial processing and production costs. Due to the popularization of the automobile industry, the hydraulic cylinder industry continues to develop. The...

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