What are Advantages of RBT roller burnishing tools?

Roller Burnishing is a Super finishing process. It is a Cold Working process which produces a fine surface finish by the planetary rotation of hardened rollers over a bored or turned metal surface. RBT Roller Burnishing tools are already burnishing internal /external diameter & taper/flat faces. These tools are used in the manufacture of components for automobiles, piston & oil engines, textile machinery, gears, material handling equipments, motors & pumps, pneumatic & hydraulic Cylinders, fluid control equipments, valves, precision components etc.

What are Advantages of RBT roller burnishing tools?

Saves Time and Labour

No skilled operator required.

Using the built – in micrometer adjustment, set-up of RBT roller burnishing tool takes less then a minute. Also an unskilled In addition, unskilled labor can be different from other operations. In other operations, labor skills play a more important role in the process of completion. Thus, Labour costs and productivity gains have saved production costs. Attachable to lathes /boring /drill CNC /NC machines etc.


Surface Harden

Hardening of the finished surface increases by 5% to 10%

The RBT roller burnishing tools increases the surface hardness of the piece-part by 5% to 10% or more, thereby improving fatigue life by up to 300% or better.


Mirror Finish

Mirror finish surface in one single pass.

A very smooth surface finish as high as 0.2 Ra can be achieved by RBT roller burnishing tools in seconds. It eliminates extra parts processing, extra machines, and can replace grinding, honing, lapping and other expensive secondary operations.


Accurate Size

Accurate size, close tolerance in taper and ovality.

RBT roller burnishing tools consists of a built – in calibrated micrometer adjustable in size controlling extremely small increment to cover the tolerance range of any part. Parts produced by roller burnishing, size control in micron level, high selection and repeatability.


Interchangeable Wear Parts

Very easy interchangeable parts. Avoids honing, lapping & other costly finishing operations

Wear parts such as rollers, guide rollers (cage), bearings, mandrels etc., can be easily replaced in RBT burnishing tools because most parts in a series are standard. Thus convertibility features can save up to 50% of the cost of new tool for each new size needed.


Part Advantages And Process of RBT Taper/Flat Burnishing tools

Why choose RBT Roller burnishing tools?