Why choose RBT Roller burnishing tools?

Roller burnishing is a surface finishing technique in which hardened, highly polished steel rollers are brought into pressure contact with a softer piece part.

The result is a mirror finish and a hard, hard working surface with a bearing property that makes the polishing surface superior to the surface of the abrasive metal removal method.

Roller burnishing improves surface finish by removing scratches, tool marks and pits and induces beneficial compressive surface residual stresses. Therefore, corrosion performance is improved because corrosion products and residues cannot be trapped. In a variation of this process called low plasticity burnishing, the roller travels only once over the surface, inducing residual stresses and minimal plastic deformation.

Internal cylindrical surfaces also are burnished by a similar process, called ballizing or ball burnishing. In this process, a smooth ball is pushed through the length of the hole.

Roller burnishing is used to improve the mechanical properties of surfaces as well as their surface finish. It can be used alone or in combination with other processing techniques, such as grinding, honing, and lapping. The equipment can be mounted on various Computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools for improved productivity and consistency of performance. All types of metals can be roller burnished.

Roller burnishing is typically used on hydraulic system components, seals, valves, spindles, and fillets on shafts.

Advantages of Roller Burnishing


  1. Single Pass Operation
    Since the roller burnishing process is a single pass operation manufacturing cycle time can be shorter than other fine machining processes.
  2. Mirror like surface finish
  3. Dimensional Consistency /Repeatability
    Can be achieved in several thousand components by using Bright Burnishing Tools.
  4. Reduces the Reworks and Rejections
    Using conventional techniques, such as boring or reaming, it is difficult to control rigid tolerances and high surface treatment, especially in the case of mass production. RBT Burnishing tools can eliminate these problems by providing high repeatable completion sizes. In the assembly process, high repeatable dimensions can reduce rework and rejection.
  5. Increase in Surface Hardness
    Roller Burnishing gives a better wear resistance on the rubbing surfaces improves the service life of the parts, thus saving time and cost.
  6. Multiple Usage
    You can use Roller Burnishing Tools in CNC Turning centers and CNC Machining centers, Conventional Lathes, Drilling Machines, Automats, etc.
    You can also use burnishing tools in specially built burnishing machines for mass production.

Roller Burnishing Tools Manufacturer, Roller Burnishing Tools Exporter, Roller Burnishing Tools Supplier

Roller Burnishing Tools Manufacturer, Roller Burnishing Tools Exporter, Roller Burnishing Tools Supplier

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